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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Procrastination costs me yet again

I've been burned so many times by procrastinating, chalk up another one.

I just received word that my computer's HD is totally boned. I have an IBM which had a built in recovery disc. My computer didn't come with a burner but my old computer did...but I never installed it. (chance #1)

I could've got my recovery disc mailed to me for the cost of postage if I called for it within the first month of getting my computer...but I didn't. (chance #2)

Now I've got to pay IBM $45 or $50 to mail it out to me.

Have I learned my lesson...yes.
Will I now act differently knowing what will happen...probably not.

Arcade Fire on the Cover of Time

I just came from the local 7-11 where I saw what totally blew me away. The latest is of Time Magazine and the Arcade Fire were on the cover.

Canada's Most Intriguing Band

I've been on these guys since I saw them as the second act and the Sloan / Sam Roberts show last summer in Toronto. A concert at this point in time is looking like it was the stepping stone of some sort of master plan.

Here's the line up from that day:

    BUCK 65

This was before Funeral came out.


For more info check out this FAN SITE even The Arcade Fire will point you in their direction for the most up to date info.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Your Feeding Tube FREE Headquarters

I’m so sick of hearing about feeding tubes. I haven’t followed the Terry Schiavo case at all but I am on the internet, listening to the radio and watching TV so I haven’t been able to escape the story.

From the in-depth and exhaustive coverage by all media outlets I still know nothing about this case except that the media is attempting to milk this until there is nothing left.

I wake up this morning to the radio only to hear that the Pope now has a feeding tube. I can bearly stand to listening the media's coverage of an old man getting older before he got a feeding tube. I can't imagine what it's going to be like now.

I’m going to need a feeding tube soon if I have to listen to anymore of this.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It's dead and I killed it

My computer finally died yesterday. It had been dragging out its own death for months with only allowing me to start it using the Last Known Configuration setting. I knew it was coming so I'm not really surprised, it put up a good fight.

I think ended up killing it on the weekend when I tried to install anti-virus software to try to combat my already infected computer. It didn't work and as the weekend progressed my computer got slower and slower. Error messages were popping up that I was out of virtual memory.

Oh well. Time to take it in for reformatting. Hopefully I can salvage some stuff off of it.

Till then I can't post any new comic strips because I lack the tools. I should be up and running and drawing by the end of the week.

Stay tuned

Monday, March 28, 2005

Fame...where's my fortune?

I have to apologize to anyone who checks into my site with any regularity.

I recently posted an article as my contribution to the Wendy's Finger in the Chili thing. It was just something that I came up with on my hour long commute to work. I posted my article and within an hour adrants.com picked it up and posted it on their site.

Then the chaos began. My traffic went through the roof. I have a modest site that I mainly do to entertain myself with hopes of it becoming more but when I saw the hits rolling in I went nuts. I couldn't believe all these people were coming to check out my absolute lie.

Now do you think one of the hundreds of people that stopped in clicked the Google Ad on the side? NO! People come, people read, people laugh...no one clicks on the damn banner!

The traffic has slowed to a pace that my ego will allow me to get back to work.

The Chronicles of a Mordant Orange and a Coconut Named George strip has fallen behind as result of me going partially insane and cracking under the pressure of trying coming up with my next strip trying not to compare it to the freak Wendy's post.

I'm still working on the strip and hope to turn out a strip a day (the only thing that could prevent this would be me finally putting down my computer like the infected animal it is). I hope to catch up but really don't see this happening except possibly on the weekends because of my demanding reality tv show schedule.

My favourite comment that I've seen on my article so far:

David Masten at catallarchy.net wrote : "Hypnobee - you are sick, twisted, and generally not fit for human company. But definitely worth some chuckles."


Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Chronicles of a Mordant Orange and a Coconut Named George - 3/23/05

The Chronicles of a Mordant Orange and a Coconut Named George
The Daily web comic strip by: Mike Bannon

The adventures of an orange (Orangedeath) and a coconut (George).

FUNPAK - Week 8 Review

Last Week's Winner: The Manly Bee

This Week's Show Featured: Harold Rosenbaulm Chartered Accountant Extreme, Rotting Hills, Gruesomestein's Monsters and The Manly Bee

The unimaginable has happened, Sidekick actual lost. The Manly Bee somehow managed to take down Sidekick last week. Both shows probably had their weakest offerings to date as well. The Manly Bee had a confusing plasticine clone that was terribly hard to make out because of the swirling texture it was painted with. Sidekick felt like it was some bad screenplay conversion from book to screen were new characters we're not properly introduced and it relied to heavily on knowing the characters previously. I also think that the stretch-squash is abused in the show and I find it hard to watch without picking it apart. That being said I have to congradulate the Manly Bee for finally taking down the juggernaut know as Sidekick.

Now on to Week 8. Every week I seem to find myself saying, "This week's show is probably going to be a let down because all of the big series were on last week" I happy to report that every week I am wrong, this just goes to show what great product YTV and Nelvana are putting out there.

Harold Rosenbaum is getting better every episode, I actually chuckled at a couple of the Ledger Lad jokes this week. This series got off to a really slow start but I think it might be too little too late as other shows have also gotten better and still out pace this show.

Rotting Hills was a decent episode this week. I've liked this show in the past for its slick animation but this week the accent on Zoey is just a little too much that I find it slightly annoying and distracting.

The Manly Bee offered up a more solid episode than the previous week but in my mind it wasn't enough to top Gruesomestein's Monsters.

Vote: Gruesomestein's Monsters

Gruesomestein's Monsters

The Worst Date- Blind Date meets The Bride of Frankenstein. What has James got himself into.

The level of detail in this show is fantastic, look at the backgrounds. Every episode has featured a different cast of characters ripping on a classic monster tale. This time the Bride of Frankenstein has a blind date.

Once again I turn to Aaron Simpson at Cold Hard Flash who conducted a great interview with Mark Ackland and Riccardo Durante the creaters of Gruesomestein's Monsters. Check it out:

Part 1
Part 2

Cast your vote at YTV.
Remember to watch Thursdays at 7:30 pm EST (Repeated Tuesday's at 9:30 pm EST and Saturday's at 11:00pm EST)

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