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Monday, March 28, 2005

Fame...where's my fortune?

I have to apologize to anyone who checks into my site with any regularity.

I recently posted an article as my contribution to the Wendy's Finger in the Chili thing. It was just something that I came up with on my hour long commute to work. I posted my article and within an hour adrants.com picked it up and posted it on their site.

Then the chaos began. My traffic went through the roof. I have a modest site that I mainly do to entertain myself with hopes of it becoming more but when I saw the hits rolling in I went nuts. I couldn't believe all these people were coming to check out my absolute lie.

Now do you think one of the hundreds of people that stopped in clicked the Google Ad on the side? NO! People come, people read, people laugh...no one clicks on the damn banner!

The traffic has slowed to a pace that my ego will allow me to get back to work.

The Chronicles of a Mordant Orange and a Coconut Named George strip has fallen behind as result of me going partially insane and cracking under the pressure of trying coming up with my next strip trying not to compare it to the freak Wendy's post.

I'm still working on the strip and hope to turn out a strip a day (the only thing that could prevent this would be me finally putting down my computer like the infected animal it is). I hope to catch up but really don't see this happening except possibly on the weekends because of my demanding reality tv show schedule.

My favourite comment that I've seen on my article so far:

David Masten at catallarchy.net wrote : "Hypnobee - you are sick, twisted, and generally not fit for human company. But definitely worth some chuckles."



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