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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Animation Show

I just found out that The Animation Show is coming to my area, April 29th to May 5th at The Princess Cinema in Waterloo, Ontatrio. It's only a screening so Mike Judge or Don Hertzfeldt won't be in attendance but that doesn't matter. I figured it would be months before the local art house theater would get it anyways, so this is a great surprise.

I saw the first animation show last year when it came to town and it was brilliant! If you put a gun to my head and made me choose which one I liked best I would have to say Don Hertfeldt's Rejected. Billy's Balloon also made my sides hurt from laughing so much.

I'm really looking forward to see Don Hertzfeldt's "The Meaning of Life" at this year's show. I've read some crazy things about it. Check out his site Bitterfims.com there is so much great stuff inside.

Click here for full schedule to see when it will be in your area.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

FUNPAK - Week 11 Review

Last Week's Winner: Rotting Hills

This Week's Show Featured: Gruesomestein's Monsters, Martini and Meatballs, Coolman! and The Manly Bee.


With last week's win that gives Rotting Hills two wins pulling even with Sidekick and Gruesomestein's Monsters. The Manly Bee is still holding down the lead with 3 victories.

It was a disappointing loss for Sidekick who could've pulled even with The Manly Bee, but I've already expressed my feelings on that, on to this week's shows.

Gruesomestein's Monsters

Russell's Tussell - Witchy's got a date with wizard Baldric Von Beardo and he brought his owl Rudy along to play with Russell. Why can't a frog and an owl just get along?

If the giant heap of nose hair on the floor doesn't scream John K. I don't know what does. I've stated it before but this opening shot brought back memories of Ren and Stimpy. Witchy is my least favorite character that's been introduced in the series, I think her voice is just a bit too over the top. Too bad they couldn't have done another episode with Freddie and his father.

Martini and Meatballs

Xmas Salmon - Martini and Meatballs go ice fishing with hopes of catching a nice Christmas salmon.

It's starts out innocent enough Martini and Meatballs go ice fishing and while Martini is trying to cut a hole in the ice Meatballs polishes off all the food they brought. After that it just gets weirder and weirder. By far the most bizarre episode of any series so far. I liked it. Unfortunately it might leave a large portion of the audience scratching their heads. Loved the way that the bears in their suits and hats entered the scene, extra creepy....yeah!


Tennis Any1010111? - Lester hits the arcade and finds a game a little more his pace, Pong.

Is it possible that after 5 five minute episodes that Coolman has jumped the shark? What is a beatnik poet doing playing tennis against a robot? This seemed totally out of character for Coolman. I noticed that Steve Whitehouse did not do the storyboards for this episode, could that be a possible answer to what went wrong?

The Manly Bee

Under The Weather - Dunstan Rosenacker is tired of being the class dunce. He constructs himself a giant thinking cap and as always with a giant brain it's not long before it becomes an evil brain!

I find myself scratching my head again watching this series. I try not to get hung up on the details too much but I couldn't ignore the fact that the class dunce builds a giant thinking cap. Sure it didn't work but a lot of effort and planning would've went into creating that monster that he had on his head, when minutes before he was eating dog biscuits.


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Monday, April 18, 2005

Comic Book Movies

I came across this article about Hollywood going crazy for comic books. There was a quick rundown on comic book movies in the works:

Batman Begins (June 17): With the director of Momento and the star of American Psycho it looks like Batman will be going back to his dark roots instead of the gawd awful fun house that Joel Schumacher turned the last two Batman movies into.

The Fantastic Four (July 8): I liked it better when they were called The Incredibles! I don't think it will be very good.

V For Vendetta (November): Directed by The Wachowski Brothers (The Matrix). Say no more, I'm in. Oh wait, Natalie Portman....I'm going to go line up now.

Ghost Rider (Summer 2006): The very first comic that I bought was Ghost Rider. Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze, lets hope he's Ghost Rider most of the time.

Superman Returns (Summer 2006): Never been much of a fan of the man of steel but with X-Men director behind the camera I'll be there. If that's not enough Kate Bosworth is Lois Lane, maybe that will get you in the theater.

X-Men 3 (May 26, 2006): How could they screw this up? Loved the first two. Everyone hasn't signed up yet for part 3 but Hugh Jackman's in so let's get going.

The Watchmen (Summer 2006): What many consider the greatest comic book story ever told. Heard of it, never read it.

Hellboy 2 (2006): The first one was just great fun to look at, I'll be back for a second helping.

Wonder Woman (2006): Wonder Woman is hot.

Spider-Man 3 (May 2007): Loved the first one. Liked the second one. Lets hope the the third turns it around. So many villians who's up next? Sandman? Lizard? Venom?

The Sub-Mariner (2007): Chris Columbus, director of Harry Potter is behind the camera on this one.

The Flash (T.B.A.): Ryan Reynolds as The Flash...hhmmm I don't know we'll see.

Rumored but lacking details

Captain America: Possibly with Brad Pitt.

Green Lantern: Rumoured at one point to star -- Jack Black?!

The Punisher 2: The first did well enough on DVD to warrant a sequel that will shoot shortly.

The Hulk 2: Marvel insists its making a more action-centric sequel.

Iron Man: Once due in 2006, has reportedly lost its director so the search is on for who will helm Shellhead's feature debut.

Blade 4: Unlikely, but Wesley Snipes may make Black Panther.