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Friday, April 08, 2005

Garbage Trucks and Doughnuts

I was late today. I've been late everyday for the last year and a half.

Last week my manager put a new policy in place; If you're late you bring doughnuts.

This was fine with me, I was usually only late because of the apathy of others towards my lateness. Now that there is a penalty I can motivate myself to show up to work on time. I blame the environment I work in, I'm very punctual otherwise.

Monday through Thursday I managed to make it in on time as I watched with great pleasure as my manager faulted out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday the other guy in my department was late!

Today I left a little late but I figured I could take the back way and shave off the time by driving ridiculously fast on poorly maintained roads. Everything was going according to plan until I ended up behind one of those garbage trucks that dumps off garbage bins at construction sites. Every hill was like Everest and every turn was taken with the caution of a turn in a game of Russian Roulette.

I pulled in at 8:07 and there was already a note on my monitor. I was a little pissed because when they were late it was in the half hour range. But late is late so doughnuts for everyone!

I think I'm just going to start coming in a half hour early everyday.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

FUNPAK - Week 9 Review - PT2

Last Week's Winner: The Manly Bee

This Week's Show Featured: Coolman!, Martini and Meatballs, The Wild Wild Circus Company and Miracle Koala

First off Russell Sprouts is the man! Thanks to Russell who pointed me in the direction of this week's episode on-line

The Manly Bee puts another notch on it's belt. Can anyone catch him? There's only three weeks left.

Coolman was disapointing this week. I think that the premise of this series is running thin. If these episodes were created in the order that they were broadcast I think the funds were starting to run out. I'm sure if I go back and look more closely at previous episodes it's probably there but this week seemed to be more evident of objects sliding across the screen rather than being animated.

I'm not going to say I don't like the Wild Wild Circus Company put I'm clearly not in this show's demographic so I'll leave it alone. Except to say that the directing of this episode was absolutely terrible. There were reaction shots to action you didn't know was happening, crappy camera spinning around a fixed point shots, very amateurish.

The Miracle Koala was a 5 minute montage. Montages rarely come off well, to do an entire show as a montage, that's just bad. Although I did like the ending with the bit of Canadiana thrown in.

Martini & Meatballs

Sputnik and Paris - Sputnik crashes to earth and catapults Martini to PARIS!

WOW! What a great episode. Ten times better than any other show this week. There was a monkey on a unicycle who's a mime, Russian bears and a reference of Dr. Strangelove. C'mon! If this show doesn't win this week everyone needs to go have their head examined.

Vote: Martini & Meatballs

Cast your vote at YTV.
Remember to watch Thursdays at 7:30 pm EST (Repeated Tuesday's at 9:30 pm EST and Saturday's at 11:00pm EST)

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Monday, April 04, 2005

Hitchhiker's Guide - Update

I previously noted that The Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy was to be released on May 6th. It has been bumped ahead by a week and will now be out on April 29th

There's a wicked new trailer out where The Guide explains what a movie trailer is.

Check it out.

FUNPAK - Week 9 Review - PT 1

Last Week's Winner: The Manly Bee

Ah…Technology you win again!

I use my PVR on my expressvu to record the FUNPAK because I’m never home when it airs. As I was settling in to watch Week 9 I started up my PVR and selected this week’s episode…click nothing happens. I look in the details of the program, 0 minutes for running time. It didn’t record it for some reason. My review of week 9 will be postponed until Wednesday (catch the repeat on Tuesday).

Until then here’s a recap of the winners so far: