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Saturday, February 19, 2005

FUNPAK - Week 3 Review

Rotting Hills and The Manly Bee round out the premiere of all 10 series. YTV has definitely saved the best for last. This week's show was chalked full of shorts worthy of a full length series. It's going to be quite a battle to see who comes out on top of this week as well as at the end of it all.

Last Week's Winner: Sidekick

This week's show featured:

Rotting Hills

Clark's New Home: Dad decides to move the family out of the chaotic city to the relaxing Restful Hills. He's the only one that doesn't notice that the town has been overrun by zombies and is now Rotting Hills.

Pro - Great characters and overall feel.
Con - Just an introduction to the series. Can't wait for more to see where they take it. (not really a con but I needed to put something down.)

The Manly Bee

Return of The Manly Bee: The Manly Bee after ridding the city of crime retires but promises to return if evil ever should. 50 years later his greatest enemy; Doc Zombie, returns and The Manly Bee and The Ugly Duckling are called back into action.

Pro - Bumble, Bumble, Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! You gotta love a good war cry. Funny premise think of The Tick aging and becoming Mr. Magoo.
Con - It's not The Tick(I miss The Tick). The newsreel intro of Manly Bee in his prime brings back too many memories.

Gruesomestein's Monsters

Dr. Heckyl & Mr. Jerk: Dr. Heckyl is riding the train and has to share his car with a jerk bank robber. Dr. Heckyl is passive aggressive but watch out when the lights go out.

Pro - Excellent Dr. Heckyl and use of the Jekyll and Hyde material which everyone is familiar with.
Con - Animation comes across and a little rigid.

Martini & Meatballs

Hiccups Begone: Martini and Meatballs are out of cash and want to eat. With the help of Silk E. Wurm they take to busking on a sidewalk until Meatballs gets the hiccups.

Pro - Pizza Gelati and the contents of Martini and Meatballs' Fridge.
Con - My pick for best show from Week 1 was clearly the weakest of the bunch here.

Vote: Rotting Hills

Cast your vote at YTV.
Remember to watch Thursdays at 7:30 pm EST (Repeated Tuesday's at 9:30 pm EST)

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