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Friday, February 18, 2005

If only Sunday weren't the only day of the week.

With Fox launching American Dad May 1st as part of the Seth MacFarlend Comedy Hour (the other half hour is new Family Guy) which will air after the 350th episode of The Simpsons. Arrested Development has been cut back from a standard 22 episodes to 18. This raises doubts of whether it will return next year. Although Fox has come forward and said that it is not cancelled. The rating are a mediocre 6 million a week, even with its critical acclaim and 5 emmys it still might be doomed.

I just latched on to this show, this season and would be pissed if it got cancelled. With the cancellation of Dead Like Me, I don't know how much more of my favourite shows going down I can take. It doesn't surprise me though, Fox has a horrible reputation off killing great shows.

Some great shows Fox has cancelled before their time.

The Tick (FOX, 2001)
Andy Richter Controls the Universe (FOX, 2002-2003)
Family Guy (FOX, 1999-2002)
Futurama (FOX, 1999-2003)

If you haven't checked out this show you should try to catch at least two episodes. Give it two episode because there is a lot going on in a single episode and you might miss a majority of the humour trying to keep up with all the characters.


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