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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Damn You Gary Larson!!!

Ever since Gary Larson retired and the production of The Far Side desktop calendar stopped I have wonder the comic strip world in search of a replacement.

I get the comic strip, Spot the Frog delivered to my inbox every morning from comics.com. They allow you to subscribe to one strip for free and have it delivered to you daily. You can pay a small fee and add several other comics and get your own comic section mailed out to you but I don’t feel like coughing up the money for it.

I’ve been following Spot the Frog strip since it began. It started off looking promising, a small talking frog lives with an old man and pays his rent with spare change he finds in the couch. It has a serial story or theme that would run for a week and then a new storyline the next week. But lately its seems for the last 2 or 3 months he’s been milking this snowman story line like it was a freakin’ soap opera. I’m so sick of it.

Today I’ve decided enough is enough. Reading my daily comic strip is too important to have a mediocre strip delivered to me day-in and day-out. It’s bringing down my quality of life and my attitude. I am changing my subscription to Monty.

Monty is a quirky comic strip created by Jim Meddick spoofs suburbia, trashes tacky TV shows and offers absurdist commentary on everything from hosing down spider monkeys to the latest conspiracy theory. The 20th anniversary of Monty is this Friday.

If anyone else has any suggestions on which strip I should check out let me know. The Far Side was my all-time favourite. Dilbert is second. Anything that has crazy off-the-wall humour I’m all over it.


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