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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I'm back.... and I'm deaf

I'm back from my vacation to Idaho.

Had an awesome time and will definitely go back, everyone I met kept telling come back in the summer there's a lot more to do. I had a blast snowboarding though.

While boarding the plane in Boise I'm pretty sure that I walked by Troy McClain from the first season of the apprentice. He was in first class, he had the hair and the accent. I didn't stop to look to closely but he is from Idaho so I'm thinking the chances of it being him were pretty good.

I was sitting in the John Grisham section of the plane, The two people in my row were both reading his novels. I was working my way through Douglas Adams' The Restaurant at the End of The Universe (which I finished as my plane touched down in Toronto, excellent ending but so frustrating to read because it was so excellent...read it and you will understand.)

My ears popped on the way up on the from Boise to Minnesota and didn't pop when we landed. I had three hours to kill in the St. Paul before connecting to Toronto. I walked at least 80% of the enormous airport in a near silent daze. I got burger king and tried to order onion rings instead of fries. I ended up with fries. I then went to TCBY and tried to get a raspberry frozen yogurt in a cone. I couldn't understand the guy behind the counter and he couldn't understand me. I ended up with a cone with free raspberry topping...yeahh!! Score one for the deaf guy!

I boarded my plane back to Toronto. I was assigned to row 16 by the time I got back to row 8 it started smell like someone had cut one. I figured someone trying a little too hard to force a bag into the overhead and one squeaked out. As I continued down the aisle it got stronger and stronger. I was practically gagging by the time I got to my seat. I don't know if someone crapped on the floor or someone unleashed the fury in the back of the plane from the last flight. After about 5 minutes the smell thankfully went away. I couldn't imagine being the person responsible for that, you'd either be laughing your ass off watching these people practically drop or die from the embarrasement.

Here's the only picture I took during my whole trip. This is leaving Idaho.

My camera is so large, clumsy and goes through batteries like they're candy that I didn't use it for pictures. My friend did use his camera and will be emailing me the pictures. I may post some of them.

My ears still haven't popped yet, hopefully my hearing will return soon. Until then enjoy sneaking up behind me.


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