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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

What do you mean I'm the Taster's Choice guy?

Hey That's me, I should be getting some money shouldn't I? The guy on the Taster's Choice label just found out that his face has been on the label since 1986 and sold in several countries without his knowledge or permission.

Mr.Russell "I'm aroused by the smell of coffee" Christoff replied when asked why he had never noticed that his image was being used too sell coffee for close to 20 years, "I don't buy Taster's Choice, I do beans"

Oh yeah that's right, you never see instant coffee for sale, right next to coffee beans! I'm pretty sure they don't even sell coffee beans in the same store as instant coffee.

His love of beans and total tunnel vision when buying coffee has netted Russell "I can't believe no one told me" Christoff a cool 15.6 million.

How big of loner do you have to be to not have anyone you know mention, "Hey, you know what? You kind of look like the Taster's guy."


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