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I've always found myself amusing, now it's time to expand on that audience. Created to develop an incredible ego and delusional sense of grandeur. It's all about me...come enjoy!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

We have Pictures...

I figured out how to get a picture on this thing.

There's nothing stopping me now.

I will be bringing you nothing but original content (even if it is composed by cutting and pasting together several bits of copyrighted and trademarked characters and logos with the skill of a forth grader with two broken hands!). It will be all done by me.

So if I see it on your site without my permission, know that I will :

A. Probably think it's cool that someone actual came here and looked at my blog.

B. Then be really angry because you stole my stuff.

C. Go after you a large pointy stick which I will try to poke you with somewhere in an area around your eye.



Blogger letti said...

i started blogging about a month ago and love to put up pictures too! all the best!


7:24 PM

Blogger paulriso said...

You suck! Why did I hear about this site from Mike Brown?

4:50 PM


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