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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Money, Money, Money!

Horray! I've now got advertising.

I've joined Google's AdSense program. I have no expectations of making any money from it. I'm more interested in seeing what kind of ads pop up on it. It's supposed to scan the content of your page and display ads accordingly.

So far it looks like it's only picking up that this is a blog about blogging for bloggers...(I don't think that will help things change either...blog..blog!)

Click if you want.

They pay on a per click basis. Only trouble is that they only payout after you've accumulated $100. I wonder how many clicks that will take?


Blogger Darren said...

be very careful about referring to your ads in posts like this one. You can not encourage or be seen to encourage your readers to click in any way shape or form. So many people get into trouble with this.

good luck with your ads though - they've been great for me and have helped me make blogging my job...

9:51 PM


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