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Friday, February 11, 2005

I'm here....Now where is my luggage

I was delayed leaving Toronto and almost missed my connecting flight. My luggage never made it to Boise. I wasn't too panicked because I was pretty sure that it would come in on the next flight and I didn't need anything I had in that bag right away anyways.

I spent a half hour trying to tell the lost luggage guy what colour my bag was.

Me: "Its a black gym bag with a bit of red on it"

Tom: "Okay its a brown bag"

Me: "No its black with red on it"

Tom: "Ohh my mistake, so you said it was red"

Me: "No its black with a bit of red"

Tom: " Okay, black with a bit of red. I got it"

Me: "Great thanks"

I get my receipt and don't check it until I'm out in the car, baggage description: RED.

On my plane ride to Idaho ... I swear... I sat beside a guy who has a friend who is a traveling potato salesman. He flies around selling extra large potatoes. His big client is the outback steakhouse. I had to laugh to myself.

No tatter tot lei on arrival
No signs of snow for me snowboarding on with my yet to arrive luggage
No sign of Napoleon Dynamite or anyone that looks or acts remotely close

Worst vacation every.


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