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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

FUNPAK - Week 2 Review

Sorry for the delay folks, I was away on vacation and there was no YTV there. This weeks entries are considerably stronger than all of those in the first week. A couple series are starting to show promise of becoming a show or shows that the public will come to embrace.

This week's show featured:


Maximoble: Maximan is missing and Eric and Trevor go through all his stuff. Trevor convinces Eric to take the maximobile out for a spin.

Pro - Loaded with pop culture references.
Con - Timing of jokes are a little off, given time this series could become very witty and sharp if they can pick up the pace.

Harold Rosenbaum: Chartered Accountant

Audit of Evil: Introduces Harold Rosenbaum, Jenny Florence, and Ledger Lad. Harold receives a file from a shady accountant as he prepares for vacation after tax season. He is jumped in his office by thugs and thrown out the window in a cliff hanger ending. Some many unanswered questions.

Pro - Similar animation style to rocket robin hood. Film noir feel.
Con - Terrible animation, similar to rocket robin hood. Title and character design suggest a show similar to Sealab 2021, but this show couldn't be further from it.

Miracle Koala

Belt for Punishment: After escaping a mob after Miracle Koala, Joe "Miracle Koala" and Nero an emperor penguin find themselves taking part in a tag team wrestling match which has the winner moving on to Australia to defend their title.

Pro - Phenomenal character design and laugh out loud funny. An emperor penguin, second only to the jackass penguin.
Con - Can't find any...That it was only 8 minutes long.

The 9th Life of Sherman Phelps

Serenity Now: Ronald and Sherman unload a truck of beef disturbing Mr. Titi's on his day off. Ronald becomes possessed by one of Sherman's previously lives who intend to finish Sherman's 9th life.

Pro - Strongest series so far with non-speaking characters. Sadist gags similar to spy vs. spy.
Con - If only the characters spoke....(doesn't really subtract from series though.. still decent.)

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