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Saturday, April 16, 2005

FUNPAK - I am the Kiss Of Death

I am the kiss of death to any series I vote for.

I was positive Sidekick would win by a mile going in with a record of 2-1-0 with not much competition this past week. I haven't really been a fan of this show because I find Trevor kind of annoying and I think that the squash-stretch technique is over used. But last week's episode was hilarous and I thought it was clearly the best show that week and possibly of the series so far.

This means only one thing...FIX!!

That's right I'm calling FIX. I think they're just trying to keep it interesting right to the end and not let one toon get to far ahead. Of course I have nothing to back up this claim but how else could the loss make any sense.

Anyways here's some eye candy taken from Neptoonstudios of the robbed Sidekick, enjoy!.

Pencil Drawings from Doom's Day Dog

Colon Blast!

Eric Pose Sheet

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Things I Now Know: Sour Cream Expiration Date

This will probably be the first of many entries, as I have recently moved out into a house and now live on my own. I like to question things and do not generally like to accept things as they are just because other say so or "because that's the way it's always been done".

Case: Sour Cream Expiration Date

Expiration date: March 23rd,
Today's date: April 13th.

The reasoning of "It's already sour, how can it go bad?" does sound like a reasonable line of thought. Of course you have to block out that part of your brain that says, "Wait it's dairy, all dairy goes bad."

I had used this sour cream a week earlier, it tasted and smelled fine and was at this point already 2 weeks past expiration. I experienced no adverse side effects. It was now 3 weeks past due but showed no signs of mold and didn't smell rancid, so I took a spoonful and tasted it before applying it to my taco. It tasted a little more sour than it should've so i pitched it.

...and now you know: While not entirely precise the expiry date of sour cream should act as a tasting deadline. If it's past the expiry date (even over 2 weeks) taste first before applying, just don't through it out. If it still tastes good...go for it!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

FUNPAK - Week 10 Review

Last Week's Winner: Coolman!

This Week's Show Featured: The 9th Life of Sherman Phelps, Harold Rosenbaum: Chartered Accountant Extreme, Sidekick and Rotting Hills


First let me congratulate Coolman for putting a win up on the board. I was harsh on last week's episode but I'm glad to see that the show will not leave empty handed. Now if Martini and Meatballs and Sherman Phelps could pull one out I'd be happy.

If I was The Manly Bee I'd be a little concerned right now. Sidekick who has gone 2 out of 3 put up their best offering so far and possible the best episode of the entire Funpak run. I've also been hard on this Neptoon Studio series and usually side with their other entry; Sherman Phelps who has gone head-to-head 2 out of 3 and come up short.

The 9th Life of Sherman Phelps

Candy Bandit - The Candy Bandit is on the loose and is stealing all the candy in town. A possessed Ronald sets Sherman in harms way in a sting operation.

A decent episode but I would've liked to see a possessed Ronald get what's coming to him a couple more times. Not the best Sherman Phelps but still fun to watch.

Harold Rosenbaum: Chartered Accountant Extreme

Ledger Lad Liquidation - Trying to rescue Ledger Lad, Harold is forced to bring the X of Evil the last component he needs for his evil plan.

Not a fan, It's hard to comment on this serial story as not much happens over the course of 5 minutes.


Doom's Day Dog - The world's most evil hotdog finds it's way into the wrong hands. Mr. Troublemeyer(where do I know that name from?) (aka Master XOX) leaves his 100% pure evil wiener unattended to go grab some mustard. Trever and his "wiener sense" are all over it.

With lines like "My wiener sense is tingling", "Don't eat my wiener" and "My dad used to spit on my face all the time" if you're not laughing by the end of this, you're a wiener! Loved the bathroom shots. Colon Blast anyone?

Rotting Hills

Night at the Office - Dad's at the office and gets disconnected when talking to Clark over the phone. Clark races to help his dad before it's too late.

Could've used some butt kicking action but I guess you can't have that every episode! Excellent animation, characters are mesmerizing to watch and the backgrounds are fantastic.