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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Scrubs Season 1 on DVD

Scrubs season 1 is finally available on DVD. When this show first premiered I thought it was supposed to be ER but with younger doctors and I had already had enough ER so I passed on it.

This show was totally misrepresented by NBC who have been an absolute downward spiral since Seinfeld finished. Sure they had Friends but anyone who watches Friends is a mindless chimp who likes to see their jokes coming from a mile down to road and their laughter canned. Now there's only Joey, does anyone even watch that? NBC is circling the bowl and they have the best sitcom on TV and no one knows about it.

By the second season I started reading about how great this show was and how I should be watching it. Unfortunately 24 had started and was on at the same time so I missed out on Scrubs.

This year (season 4) I finally was able to catch on to the series because 24 was moved to Monday nights. I feel like such a fool because I've missed this first 3 years of the best sitcom on TV right now. Now it's time for some sweet catching up.

Zach Braff who plays J.D. on Scrubs also wrote, directed and starred in Garden State. If you like Scrubs in highly recommend checking it out, fantastic movie. It also has a great soundtrack.

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