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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Things I Now Know: Sour Cream Expiration Date

This will probably be the first of many entries, as I have recently moved out into a house and now live on my own. I like to question things and do not generally like to accept things as they are just because other say so or "because that's the way it's always been done".

Case: Sour Cream Expiration Date

Expiration date: March 23rd,
Today's date: April 13th.

The reasoning of "It's already sour, how can it go bad?" does sound like a reasonable line of thought. Of course you have to block out that part of your brain that says, "Wait it's dairy, all dairy goes bad."

I had used this sour cream a week earlier, it tasted and smelled fine and was at this point already 2 weeks past expiration. I experienced no adverse side effects. It was now 3 weeks past due but showed no signs of mold and didn't smell rancid, so I took a spoonful and tasted it before applying it to my taco. It tasted a little more sour than it should've so i pitched it.

...and now you know: While not entirely precise the expiry date of sour cream should act as a tasting deadline. If it's past the expiry date (even over 2 weeks) taste first before applying, just don't through it out. If it still tastes good...go for it!


Blogger Safiyyah said...

I think it's just the thought that it might be spoiled that turns me off of trying it to be sure. It's all in head.
Somehow I'm not as averse to using medication past its expiry date.

10:13 PM


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