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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Last Week's Winner: Sidekick

This Week's Show Featured: Rotting Hills, Gruesomestein's Monsters and Miracle Koala



Sadly the last episodes of the Funpak goes out without a bang. Even though The Manly Bee locked up victory two weeks ago, last week's show still put out some rock solid entertainment. The same cannot be said about this week's episode. Maybe it finally sunk in that the competition was over or that the "behind the scenes" segement was just the creators explaining the premise of their show or maybe it was yet another montage episode from the once promising Miracle Koala.

Be sure to checkout the who's crowned the winner Thursday, May 5th at 7:30 pm EST. Having kept track of the weekly winners, the winning series is The Manly Bee, but like so many other times I've been proven wrong it could be someone else. Tune in and find out!

Rotting Hills

The New Girl - There's a new girl at school and she's got Clark under her spell. Oh yeah and she's a vampire!

So many bad accents hard to watch the show without the voice work driving you to crazy!

Gruesomestein's Monsters

A Wolf in Geek's Clothing - It's the wolfman in his teen years, raging hormones and mean kids. It's hard being the hairest geek in school.

Weak character design in this episode. A good series too bad that this episode might be the last we see of it.

Miracle Koala

Pop Tarts - Joe and Nero get recruited to become part of a boy band and there's a stop on the world tour in Australia.

Another montage you gotta be kidding me, 2 montage episodes out of 5. Why not just through in a clip show while your at it. Terribly dated boy band humour. I'm glad to see this one trick pony is off to the glue factory.

Vote: Rotting Hills....I guess.

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