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Monday, March 07, 2005

FUNPAK - Week 5 Review

Alright - 0 for 4. The shows I have voted for the past 4 weeks have all come up short against the competition. C'mon people get it together, see things my way.

The Manly Bee last week was twice the episode Sidekick was. But somehow Sidekick came out on top this time. Too bad YTV doesn't release the numbers to see how shows stacked up against one another.

Last Week's Winner: Sidekick

This week's show featured:

Miracle Koala

Girly Guys - Joe and Nero disguise themselves as Fireside Girls and try to sell the most cookies to win the grand prize: a trip to the Australian outback.

The character design and now the emerging personalities of those characters is making this a great show. Seeing Joe dressed up as a Fireside Girl and Nero looking him up and down was truly disturbing. Also the wind blowing up the skirt was just wrong on so many levels. Keep up the great work!

The 9th Life of Sherman Phelps

A Lick of Paint and a Bowl of Chili: Sherman and Ronald are putting up a fresh coat of paint on a building when Sherman's 8th life shows up to try to finish off Sherman.

I don't know if I could watch this show in any other format than the Funpak. The 5 minute episode seem to suit the basis of the series just fine. If the episodes were to be any longer I think this series would lose its appeal, mixing it in with a variety of other shows is the way to go. What was with the giant truck full of chili that seemed to be unloading it in to the sewer system? Pretty funny.

Rotting Hills

Drive to School - Dad decides to give Clark a ride to school. After picking Clark's new Friend Zoe and her undead dog Buddy they find themselves in Skulls territory.

This show is getting my vote again, let's see if it makes a difference. The show is so much fun to watch, great characters, excellent voice work...you name it this show's got it. Great animation sequences when Buddy takes on The Skulls. Slick!

Harold Rosenbaum Chartered Accountant Extreme

Depreciation to Death: Harold and Jenny head to the commissioner office to report that they were jumped by thugs. The Commisioner convinces Harold to try and decode the folder the thugs were after. Meanwhile the X of evil plots to get the folder and Harold.

Even though I was pretty hard on this show the first time it aired I was still pumped to see if it was going to be good or at least be better than the first episode. I had setup my PVR on my Expressvu to record Funpak (as I do every week). When I was watching it Saturday morning it was about half way through this episode and my player stopped. YTV's broadcast was out of synch with the Expressvu clock. I hate when that happens!

Anyways from the half episode I saw it was a great improvement (either that or I've gotten over my expectation of it being the next sealab 2021). I will try to catch the repeat on Tuesday and hopefully add something more meaningful to this review.

Vote: Rotting Hills

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Remember to watch Thursdays at 7:30 pm EST (Repeated Tuesday's at 9:30 pm EST and Saturday's at 11:00pm EST)

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