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Monday, February 28, 2005

orangedeath.tk is dead...behold Mordant Orange

After a little over a month of running this blog I've decided to ditch my .tk address and pick up a fancy new fangled .com.

Reasons for the switch include:

- Tired of telling people, "not .com, .tk" then explaining .tk = free
- Tired of slow loading by .tk serever
- Maxed out bandwidth on geocities account where images we're stored.
- A friend bought a .com and not to be out done I too had buy one.


(click if you want but you'll just end up back here)

(pause for gasp)

Hopefully I will roll out an entire website but for now I'm concentrating mainly on the strip. Don't expect anything soon, maybe a logo but that'll probably be it for a while.

.com it up baby!

(.tk will still be operational but in my eyes its dead!)


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