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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Rat Bastards!

I've come into work and found mouse crap on my desk which kind of pisses me off because the little bastards do it right on my keyboard. The must think they’re funny.

I’ve come into work to find mouse piss on my desk which really pisses me off, filthy little bastards. It’s probably two mice; trying to up the ante of the other one that likes to crap on my keyboard,

Today I come in and find that the little bastards have now taken to chewing my mouse...little bastards!

This just drives me crazy because they've chewed right where I rest my thumb. It's all rough and every time I put my hand on it I'm going to think of those little bastards.

I guess it's time setup the mouse trap on my desk...again! The previous winter there was a mouse problem in the office. I personally caught 6 mice with a trap behind my monitor on my desk.

The only question now is do I get the humane trap with the trap door or do I go with the classic clothes peg style that will break their neck like a twig?


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