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Thursday, January 27, 2005


This morning when I was scrapping my car off to go to work I noticed that my headlight was out. I did what most people do when they notice something isn't working.


Give it a quick couple pounds of the fist. If that doesn't work the next logical step depending on the item in stability was to give it a kick.

Still nothing.

I went back to hitting it with my fist, just in case I hadn't been doing it right the first time or the kicking had loosened it up enough for it to become responsive to the pounding again.


The phrase, "It must be broken." finally enters my head. I get in my car and drive off to work.

I like to think that I'm a pretty observant person, but driving home I noticed at least eight people coming in the opposite direction had a headlight out. I see the odd one here and there but this seemed like an unusually high number. I felt like rolling down the window and giving them the low wave like bikers and bus drivers give each other when they pass.

With it being night (one of the key reasons you can tell someone's headlight is out and probably why the whole bond that bikers and bus drivers formed never really took off with the one headlight crowd). That and it was minus -27. I figured a quick point over the top of the steering wheel and a head nod would be enough acknowledgement to my single headlighted brothers. I wasn't going to take the chance of not acknowledging one of my own and later incurring some sort of retribution or worse yet the shameful disgrace of being expelled from the one headlighted society that I didn't know I was part of in the first place.

Remember if you're driving around with one headlight, show some respect and acknowledge a fellow brother!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Money, Money, Money!

Horray! I've now got advertising.

I've joined Google's AdSense program. I have no expectations of making any money from it. I'm more interested in seeing what kind of ads pop up on it. It's supposed to scan the content of your page and display ads accordingly.

So far it looks like it's only picking up that this is a blog about blogging for bloggers...(I don't think that will help things change either...blog..blog!)

Click if you want.

They pay on a per click basis. Only trouble is that they only payout after you've accumulated $100. I wonder how many clicks that will take?

Monday, January 24, 2005


I now know the answer to Life, The universe and Everything.

I just finished reading Douglas Adams' - "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

A series of coincidences led me to this book.

1. It all started when I was watching Elf, starring Will Ferrell. I thought the woman who played the department store elf, Jovie (Zooey Deschanel) was so familiar but I couldn't place her. I went on to IMDB to see what else she had been in. She's been in a few movies, Abandon, The Good Girl, The New Guy, and Mumford. She is also going to play Trillian in the upcoming movie of The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy (THHGTTG).

2. I was talking to a co-worker about Elf and Zooey. He asked what else she had been in. I rambled off what I could remember and that she was going to be in THHGTTG. He said he was reading it right now. He mentioned it was a trilogy told in 5 parts. Sounded like my kind of book.

3. A couple of days later a friend of mine scribbled down his website on a bar napkin while were we out in Toronto see a friend perform at yuk-yuks. I checked out his blog, and he's a huge Douglas Adams fan. His blog is filled with great Douglas Adams' quotes.

I decided that based on the series of events that had happened that I needed to read this book. I'm not a big book reader, this is actually only the second book that I've managed to finish which wasn't required reading for school. It's great and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who can read and has a sense of humor. It also a good test to see if you can read but do not have a sense of humor. If you read this book and find it stupid, you truly have no sense of humor and will never understand the true meaning of Life, The Universe and Everything.

Now I'm off to The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, towel in hand.

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