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Monday, June 06, 2005

$200 Car Wash

I decided to wash my absolutely filthy car on the weekend. It was a beautiful day so I dug out the pressure washer and went to work.

I sprayed the windshield with the pressure washer and noticed what appeared to be a piece string or something sitting on it just above the wipers. I sprayed it again trying to wash away. I watched in horror as the “string” instantly doubled in size and spread halfway up the windshield.

Apparently I must’ve had a stone chip in the windshield and the combination of the hot windshield, cold water and the pressure from the sprayer cause the small chip to crack under the rapid temperature change. I know have a nice crack on the passenger’s side that goes up above half the windshield.

So now I’m going to need to replace my windshield…hooray another expense, just what I needed!


Anonymous Dart said...

You had better have that fixed by thursday. I'm not going to lean and look around that crack on the way to get Pizza.

I demand a clear view!!...

9:41 AM


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